Alexandru Sahia street, no.20, Cugir, Alba, 515600


Dragana Hotel Cugir - Miscellaneous information

Hotel Dragana is situated in downtown Cugir, Alba, Romania. Cugir belongs to the county of Alba, and is located 38 km away from Alba Iulia, about 25 km away from Orastie and 30 km away from the town of Sebes. Cugir is a very important point of convergence of the touristic roads which start in the Sureanu mountains. Route: Cugir - Turkey Mill - Between Waters - Prisaca Saddle - Heaven`s Gate - Sureanu Chalet. The route begins from the northern district of the city, next to the confluence with Small River. Hotel Dragana Cugir has a capacity of 57 rooms. The hotel is equipped with cable TV, internet WI-FI, telephone, personal bathrooms, safety deposit box, beauty salon, fax, restaurant, laundry, free parking. For your meetings with your business partners, Dragana Cugir Hotel provides a conference hall with a capacity of 35 seats.
     We want to enchant you with selected dishes of traditional and international cuisine at Dragana restaurant, located inside our building. The restaurant may also be the ideal place for organizing special events such as weddings, baptisms or cocktails. The events will take place in a romantic atmosphere and they will certainly be unforgettable for you and your guests. Dragana hotel bar, a day bar, invites you to delight in a pleasant environment with a wide range of products that we are pleased to provide you with.

We hope that our attempt to shape it according to the preferences of every visitor will be successful and we expect you to honor us for the first time and then to return in the future at the place that indisputably has the power and magnetism to attract your steps to it.


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